Why Inspire?

Transforming young leaders' inspiration into action that improves our communities and strengthens our democracy

Why Inspire?

We already know that hundreds of high school students in Colorado are committed to keeping our state healthy, strong and focused on a better future.  Our goal is to help them turn that inspiration into action.

Let's face it--young people today are the most connected generation in American history. And, it is because of these connections that they have a unique opportunity to make a difference...starting NOW. Our society depends on people working together -- whether it's neighbors helping neighbors or elected officials addressing issues in a nonpartisan manner, the strength of our nation will be defined by our united efforts.  Why not focus on those individuals who have the most at stake in the years to come?

State by state, Inspire U.S. creates opportunities for high school students to develop leadership and critical thinking skills which enable them to identify problems and create sustainable solutions to issues they care about. In addition, since they are the newest demographic to win the right to vote, they learn how vital this right is to our democracy. Voting is an act of equality; the opportunity to express one’s point of view regardless of heritage, race, gender, age or economic level. To be an informed voter is one’s responsibility and is best learned through grass roots civic engagement.

One size does not fit all. To be effective, Inspire U.S. must be attentive to diverse perspectives, cultural and economic context and local priorities in order to meet young people where they are and create a pathway to our shared democracy.

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