HOW TO: Presidential Caucus 2016

It’s time to get ready to caucus! This is an exciting time-- it could be your VERY FIRST TIME voting! Using your voice through voting is one way that you can be heard and advocate for the issues that matter to YOU.

Our generation (18 to 29 year olds) has consistently had the lowest turnout at EVERY election throughout history, despite the fact that we are also the largest demographic. YOU are a part of the change!


What is the Caucus?

Caucuses and Primaries are how the Republican and Democratic Party select who will be their one candidate who runs for President (we will elect THAT person on November 8th, 2016).

Think of it as the semi-finals of a sport’s match. Whoever wins this round will go on to the finals.

This year, the Republican Party is NOT hosting a primary or caucus in Colorado.


Requirements to Caucus on March 1st in Colorado:

  • Registered to vote in Colorado before January 4th, 2016

  • Affiliated as a Democrat when you registered to vote.

  • If you turned 18 between January 4th and March 1st, 2016, you can still participate in the Caucus.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party is not holding a caucus in Colorado. If you are affiliated as a Republican, unaffiliated, or any other political party, you will not be able to participate in the March 1st Caucus.


How to Find your Caucus Site:


Because of this, you must go to a caucus site to cast your vote. To find your caucus site:

  1. Visit this webpage through the Colorado Secretary of State, enter your personal information, then scroll down to district information.

  2. Copy your Precinct Number.

  3. Go to this page and find the number that corresponds to your precinct number (we recommend using control/command F and pasting your precinct number).

The location that matches your Precinct Number is where you will go to caucus.


How to Caucus:

All Caucuses in Colorado begin at 7pm. You MUST arrive before then to be let into the caucus.

We recommend showing up at 6:30pm on March 1st to ensure that you will be able to participate.

Be sure to bring your Driver’s License or other state issued ID with you when you show up to Caucus.

Be sure to tag us on Social Media while you’re caucusing, using #Inspire2Vote or by following us on Instagram (@Inspire_Colorado), Twitter (@Inspire_Colo), or Facebook!


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