National Voter Registration Day

Voter registration day was a day that really solidified our cause to promote voter registration in the youth constituency.  It was, I believe, a day that showed how truly vested our generation is in the fight for a better future

At the Cherokee Trail drive, people swarmed the table for the first time at lunch eager and curious as to what voting could do for cherokee_trail.jpg
them, and in exchange, what they could do to vote.  It also gave us an idea to begin recruiting bright, young minds to join in our cause, which by and large, was something that students from all walks of life aspired to do.  These same students also wanted to be a leader in this cause.  

The overwhelming positive response to our drive on Voter Registration Day gave me a hope that the youth are a sleeping giant (as Josh Hardesty would call it) that are ready to be awakened.  I also found a new respect for those that have come before us and those who lead us.  It takes a lot to make something successful, and the experience of watching a project come to life and succeed was...inspirational.  The pun was intentional by the way.

I look forward to seeing this program grow and have great visions for the helpfulness of this program throughout the nation.  If you have trouble seeing this view, then imagine this.  A single drop of water may not water the whole field, but it does signal the oncoming of a storm.  Keep up the good work!

- Edita Dyer 

Edita Dyer is a senior at Cherokee Trail High School. In her spare time, Edita is a Youth Director of the Philippine American Society of Colorado, which aims to promote and preserve Filipino culture throughout Colorado via dance, culture, and service. Additionally, Edita is passionate about the issue of standardized testing in high schools and educating her peers about social issues and how voting can impact our future. 

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