Jaser Alsharhan

Denver, CO

Purple Team Mentor (West Generation Academy, CEC Middle College, Kunsmiller High School, and STRIVE Prep)

Major in College: Political Science, International Studies; Master's in Public Policy

What do you do for fun? I love being adventurous in my diet, traveling, reading, hiking, running, and swimming. CO native.

Why Inspire Colorado? I'm passionate about local politics and participatory governance, specifically how young students can get engaged in the political process regardless of their partisanship or age. Being born in Colorado has also given me an advantage in understanding local community challenges, social justice issues (everything from gentrification to education disparities), and subsequent resources available to help address these inequalities. 

If you could tell the governor one thing, what would it be? I would suggest bolstering his relationships with parks and recreation departments throughout the state. These departments are able to activate public spaces with speakers, art exhibits, and accessible, indiscriminate outdoor activity. Effectively, the governor could hit two birds with one stone: public education and investment (which is not identity specific), coupled with encouraging healthy physical activity.