Inspired Leaders attend U.S. Senate Debate in Colorado

Two Inspired Leaders attended the U.S. Senate debate between Incumbent Michael Bennett (D) and Commissioner Darryl Glenn (R) in Denver, Colorado on October 11th, 2016.

My name is Robin Peterson, I’m 16 and a junior at Peak to Peak Charter School in Lafayette, Colorado.  On October 11th, 2016, I attended the Colorado Senate Debate where I heard from Democratic candidate Michael Bennet and Republican candidate Darryl Glenn.  I am really interested in politics and I have been studying the current presidential election as well as American History, but I realized I didn’t know much about our Colorado legislature. After hearing from both candidates, I feel that either of them could be a successful senator. Incumbent Michael Bennet had a much stronger debate performance than Candidate Darryl Glenn, in my opinion, due to his ability to answer questions directly, However, Darryl Glenn brought up many questions targeting the weaknesses of the incumbent.  During almost the entire debate, protesters disruptively banged on the doors of the History Colorado building, because they wanted the third party candidate, Arn Menconi, to be able to participate in the debate. Although I understand the first amendment and the right to peacefully assemble, I felt their protests became aggressive and they could have been more effective in other ways.

The debate was very informative for me because I walked in knowing practically nothing about each candidate. Although I'm not allowed to vote, because I'm under 18, I feel I am much more informed and am capable of spreading the word about each candidate.  Many Americans believe that the presidential election is the most important, but I find that the state level elections are the ones that have the biggest effect on our daily lives.

Voting is a our greatest power as Americans, and we must make sure that as we cast our votes in these coming weeks and that we are well informed on what we are voting for.  So I encourage anyone that can vote to inform themselves by watching the debates and reading articles because knowing what we're voting for is just as important as voting.