Why Voter Registration Matters to Inspired Leader Edgar Varela

I remember the time when my parents were struggling with immigration issues. I felt this internal desire to help them but I, as a  7-year old, could not do much. For this reason, I waited impatiently for the day I could register to vote and was thrilled when the day came. 

Now that I will soon turn 18, I know that I will contribute, even if it is just pebble, in decisions that create the change among my community, state, and possibly the country. With that in mind, it is essential for my generation to vote because they all can contribute a pebble, in order to form a mountain of change. I know this sounds cheesy but one cannot expect results without acting upon the activity.Voting is a privilege that emerged from the soul of our country and we cannot take it for granted. Besides, it is fairly easy to register to vote and even easier to actually vote. So you ask me why I have a passion to help the young generation to vote and I say, “Do you really want people who are not in your shoes to vote on circumstances that affect you?” I don't.

-Edgar Varela-

Edgar Varela is an Inspired Leader and student at Adams City High School. He is passionate about issues of immigration, promoting his high school, and mental health. In his spare time, Edgar is involved with robotics club, math club, National Honors Society, and various community service activities.  

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